It would be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment Cate fell in love with the sea. She could owe it to her mother who, when pregnant with her, dug holes in the sand in which to lay her belly. Or it could have developed when her father taught her how to body surf before she learned how to walk.  Cate has swam in the Atlantic and Pacific, along the southern coasts of England, Spain and France, in Spanish swimming pools, and in the ponds and lakes of New England. She prefers the life of a nomad to a permanent address but, when pressed, calls New York home.

Her work explores the physical and emotional distance that exists within relationships, both romantic and familial, and the resulting imagery exists fluidly in both photography and film.  A recent series of drawings centering around archipelagos further explores the ideas of space and distance in relationships.

Cate Schappert received her BFA in Photography in 2006 from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.  She continues to hone her technical skills by taking classes at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME, Central Saint Martins in London, England and The Lower East Side Printshop in New York. Also, Cate recently completed a summer program in collaborative arts at Columbia University.

Currently she is mapping out a route for a journey that will take her to every ocean and onto every shore of the world.


by Abigail Grenon 



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